CDimLed 400

CDimLed 400, 400VA dimmer 1418229

The CDimLed can dim most dimmable light/lamp types, has a 2-pole break when switched off/on and remembers previously set level when switched on.
The dimmer can be operated in several ways: via the pulse inputs (pulse switch, Centrol panel, etc.), via the 0-10 V input (potentiometer, 0-10 V dimmer, PLC, etc.) and with the buttons on the front of the dimmer.
The dimmer also has override inputs for on and off, by signal from Centrol system, central control system, Astro timer, etc.

Technical data

Physical dimensions: 53 x 90 x 58 mm (WxHxD)
Power: 400 VA (max. load 80% if reactive load)
Operating voltage: 230 VAC
Current draw: 50 mA
Protection: Electronic
Material: Self-extinguishing

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