MBD BlueLine Black

Motion detector, 12m, 100° x 90°, 3600VA 1P

El.nr.: 91418280

The motion detector (MBD) is designed for automatic light control in rooms that are used sporadically, e.g. classrooms, smoking rooms, gyms, sports halls, stockrooms, laundry rooms, corridors, stores, etc., for greater convenience and to save electricity.
The MBD has a built-in timer that can be adjusted from 2 seconds to 2 hours. The MBD can be used to advantage in combination with lights, extraction, heating, etc., and saves a lot of electricity in such contexts.
The desired turn-off time (delay) can be set on the back of the MBD by turning a rotary switch between 0 and F. The LED on the front indicates movement (activity).

Technical data

Physical dimensions: Conforms to RS16
Range: Approx. 12 metres
Voltage: 230 VAC +10/-20%
Load: 16A/3600VA 1P
Angle of coverage: 360°
Turn-off time: 2 sec. – 2 hours
Angle of coverage: H100° x W90°
Det. zones: 92
Mounting depth: 24mm

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