mTouch One Alu

Thermostat/Regulator, 16A/2300VA 2P 5401502

mTouch® One shows the precise temperature/power on LCD display and can be adjusted with touch buttons. It has nighttime function (NTD), frost protection, weekly timer, Zzilent function (eg bedrooms), etc.
Self explanatory menu for adjusting several important features, such as optional sensor type, as well as quick or manual setting of the unit. Optional color on screen background and text.
The mTouch® One has key lock function (child safety) and parquet function (limiter if a floor sensor is used), as well as setting the max temperature to prevent unnecessary power consumption. NB: Limiter also when used as a power regulator.

Floor sensor (MGF47k, Part No. 5450304) included.

Technical data

Physical dimensions: Conforms to ELKO RS16 and Schneider Exxact
Voltage: 230 VAC +10/-20%
Frost protection: At 10°C (adjustable)
Max load: 2300 VA
Fuse: 16A
Backup: Approx. 2 hours
IP Rating: IP20

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