Relay 1-pole, 24VAC, 230VAC/16A

24VAC operating voltage, Max. load 230VAC/16A, Sparkless 4150107

The CENTROL relays are patented in most Western countries, and switch all loads up to rated current, sparklessly and with virtually no acoustic or mechanical noise.
The load is switched at zero crossing, giving the relays a superior life of 11 million switch operations.

Globally patented relay technology that does not generate much heat or noise and switches most loads.
NB Take the starting current into account if the relay is to control iron-core transformers (max. 140 A/10 mS).

Technical data

Max. load/peak: 16 A/140 A
Current draw: 30 mA
Operating voltage: 24 V AC/DC
Contact voltage: 90-250 VAC
Life: 11m switch ops
Min. contact current: 100 mA
Switching frequency: 1 second
Overvoltage protection: Yes
Thermal protection: 155°C
H/W/D: 90x18x58 mm
Max. residual voltage: 3 V

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