Dimmer panel for DALI 1418261

MDimDali is a dimmer panel for the DALI system.
It controls lights with DALI Broadcast, ie all products connected to DALI-Bus are controlled equally.
MDimDali listens for level and updates the display automatically.
Several panels can be connected in parallel and act as changeover switch.
Built-in power supply for DALI bus that can control lights directly without extra equipment (up to 20 units). DALI power supply can be switched on / off with a slide switch.

Technical data

Dimensions: Conforms to RS16
Voltage:: 230 VAC +10/-20%
Output: DALI
Light level: 1 – 99 %
Guaranteed supply current: 40mA
Maximum supply current: 50mA
In parallel connection: “Maximum supply current” must not exceed 250mA.
Protection: Over-temperature protection at 75˚C (“OL” in display).

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