MBD AutoLight DimLed

Motion detector, 12m, 100° x 90°, 315 VA

El.nr.: 1418222

The DimLed offers simple light control with automatic switch-on at the previously set light level. The combination of a motion detector with a flexible turn-off time and an LED dimmer is the optimum
solution for small rooms, conference rooms, offices, etc., and offers excellent energy efficiency

Try the MBD AL DimLed and DimLedLux! We know you won't be disappointed!

Technical data

Physical dimensions: Conforms to RS16
Range: Up to 12 metres
Voltage: 230 VAC +10/-20%
Output: 2-pole break, 315 VA Trailing edge dimming (GLE)
Turn-off time: 1 min. – 2 hours
Angle of coverage: H100° x W90°
Light level: 1-99
Det. zones: 92
Mounting depth: 24mm

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