MDimLed BlueLine Alu

MultiDim Dimmer 91418218

The MDimLed can dim most dimmable types of light/lamp, from the lowest to the highest level. Light level indicated on display, from 1-99. The light level is controlled by means of the and buttons. The MDimLed has a 2-pole break when switched off/on and remembers previously set level when switched on. “AutoHertz” means that the dimmer itself detects whether it is connected to 230 V at 50 or 60 Hz. 

The BlueLine series have blue display and lights, no text on the panel, and is offered in several different panel designs.

Technical data

Physical dimensions: Conforms to RS16, 24 mm mounting depth
Outputs: 2-pole break, 315 VA.
Voltage: 230 VAC +10/-20%
Light level: 1-99
Max. / Min. load: See load table
Protection: Electronic thermal protection (OL on display). Mechanical thermal protection. Electronic short-circuit protection.
Mounting depth: 24 mm

Accessories and related products

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